Cupcake Hat

Cute lil pattern cupcake hats in knit for your baby

Cupcake Hat

Cupcake Hat

Hi and welcome to - where you can find information on the latest hats that look like cupcakes! This trend has been growing quickly over the last few years with a variety of new designs and (flavors) coming out to the market. For the Christmas season of 2009, they were a tremendous success. This site will discuss the different types of cupcake hats available such as the most popular Pink Cupcake Baby Hat . And here is the other highly popular Cupcake Beanie Hat/Cap that was shown on the The View.

Cupcake Hat Pattern

Cupcake hat patterns are in all different colors, shapes, and patterns. These patterns follow either the typical confectionary look or they are restyled to be a fashionably worn headpiece. You can find paisley, stripped, sprinkeled, frosted, and a variety of other patterns online. You can purchase them as they are, or knit some of them yourself using a classic knitting blueprint pattern.

Cupcake Knit Hat

Cupcake knit hats can be made yourself or purchased at a store. There is a growing number of retailers online that offer the cupcake knit hat or the pattern so you can sew it yourself. There are some really adorable ones so be sure to shop around before settling on just a regular knit pattern.

Baby Cupcake Hat

The baby cupcake hat is by far the most popular. It's the reason that the hat is even on the map. Could you imagine how cute it would be if every baby wore one of these? You already want to scoop them up and give them a kiss and you already call them your little cupcake anyways, why not have the matching baby cap?

Cupcake Hats For Life

Cupcake hats are here to stay. They're fairly easy to find online, make a great warm comfy hat for any cool weather, and can be sewn or knitted fairly easily from patterns online. We hope to offer a few of them here for free in the near future.

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